Perfect Example of a Western Family System Son: Dad, I fell in love! Dad: Great! With who? Son: Amanda. Neighbour’s daughter. Dad: You must not tell your mum. Amanda is your sis. Couple of months later … Son: Dad, I fell in love again. Dad: Great! With who? Son: Angela. Other neighbour’s daughter. Dad: Oh … Read more

Height of Incapability Dad: Why didn’t you go for your exam today? Son: It was very tough! Dad: How do you know it was tough without seeing it? Son: It was leaked out 2 days ago!

Which line is used very often when we are with friends? . . . . . . . . . . “Oye sab chup ho jao koi gali na de Ghar se phone aya hai”

I am looking for a bank which can… . . . . give me loan , , , , , and leave me alone!

Women’s tongue and Men’s eyes Only rest . . . . . when they die!

Funny Reality Our parents spend the 1st year of our lives teaching us to walk and talk. and the next all years telling us to sit down and shut up!