Take my eyes but let me see u, Take my mind but let me think about u, Take my hand but let me touch u, … But don’t try to take my heart coz its already with U…:(*

Reply Please Token of Love is Taj Mahal…. What’s the token of Friendship?

Question : University me sari ladkiyon ke kitne naam hote hain? ? ? ? ? ? Answer : Sirf 4, – – – – – 1. Meri Waali, 2. Teri Waali, 3. Meri Bhabhi, 4. Teri Bhabhi…!!!!

The Best Time In Ur Life Is when u say… yes! i am fine and someone looks into ur eyes & says: Enough!…. “Now Tell Me The Truth.!”

Kya apko maloom hai k… .*'””* . *””‘*. (:Aap Yahäñ:) * ::Rehtäy:* “*.::Hö:.*” “*” AUR KARAYA BHI NAHI DETEY HO… 😉

\*””””*.A.*””””*/   \*””*Flower”**/   \ *”Gift”* /  \ *'”4′”* /  \ *”u’* /  \*”‘ */ \***/ \*/ ”This is only for special Friend. Sukh Unko Milta He Jo Dukh Ko Sehte He Aanso Unke Behte He Jo Yadon Me Rehte He Or Hum SMS Unko Bhejte He Jo Hamare .**.**. *.Dil . main rehtey hain…