Ufone cannot leave the habit of making the viewers laugh out loud on the TV commercials they produce. Once again a new TV commercial promoting their new package of 30paisa to any network call rate is an hilarious and creative ad. A pickpocket takes away a wallet of a guy walking on street. The guy … Read more

”’.*”NOVMEBER“*.”’ Kuch lamhe Novmeber k, Hum ne yun guzare hain, Mausam uski yadoun k, Tasveer mein utare hain, Kapkapate honton se, Dagmagati dharkan se, Hum ne apne KHALIQ se, Bus dua ye mangi hay, Ab k bar sawan mein, Jab b badal utren to, Bus yehi tamana hay, Nafraton ki barish mein, Dushmano ki sazish … Read more