Are you sick of the prank calls and the callers you don’t want to talk to? Miss calls and SMS text messages that annoy you? If you have Mobilink Jazz connection or Indigo then life has been made easy to block all the unwanted calls and SMS text messages. No need to turn off your … Read more

Mobilink introduced Call and SMS block facility to save yourself from the unwanted calls. The TV Commercial shows a husband and wife in a living room when the wife receives the unwanted call and asks her husband to handle the guy who is calling her. All he did was entered 420 on the cell phone … Read more

Ufone Uth Package brings another new exciting package for the MMS service. After the huge success of Uth Sasta SMS offer now Ufone becomes the first mobile company to offer lowest MMS outgoing rates with ‘Ufone MMS Ki Aalaa Offer‘. Ufone MMS receiving is already FREE and now you can send Uth MMS for just … Read more

Ufone back in February 2011 introduced the Ufone Uth Sasta SMS package claiming it to be the world’s cheapest SMS text messaging package for just Rs.10 per month. Now Ufone Uth Package just broke it’s own record by reducing the package rate of Uth Sasta SMS to Rs.5 per month. Simply subscribe to this package … Read more

Zong finally made it into the facebook social media network with Facebook Mobile Alert. Now you can update your facebook status, get latest update notifications via SMS on your Zong mobile connection in Pakistan. Yes, Zong is the last network of the five to reach facebook but they did. Now you can add your Zong … Read more

Mobilink few days back launched BlackBerry PlayBook for Rs.62,000/- in Pakistan. They were taking the 10 days pre-order and the PlayBook was delivered to the customer after 10 days. We just got the confirmation that the tablet launched by Mobilink is not the GSM based. There are four models of Playbook – Playbook, Playbook WiMax, … Read more