Height of Incapability Dad: Why didn’t you go for your exam today? Son: It was very tough! Dad: How do you know it was tough without seeing it? Son: It was leaked out 2 days ago!

Which line is used very often when we are with friends? . . . . . . . . . . “Oye sab chup ho jao koi gali na de Ghar se phone aya hai”

Teacher: Jarmana Mafi ki application likho Sardar: Jarmana kina hai? Teacher: 5 Rupay Sardar: Ae le 5 Rupay .. Bapu ne kya see 5, 10 rupay wastay kanjraan di minat nahi karni

I am looking for a bank which can… . . . . give me loan , , , , , and leave me alone!

Ae neend aa jaa k aab koi nahi hai pas mere K jis k liya tujhe chora tha, wo mujhe kab ka choor gaya

Women’s tongue and Men’s eyes Only rest . . . . . when they die!