Make Your Fantasy Cricket Team & Win Prizes with WaridTel

During the cricket world cup 2011 this is the second offer by WaridTel to attract some customer’s attention. Initially they gave up discounted call rates for India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka including discounted roaming facilities if you are going to watch the worldcup 2011. Now they introduced a new contest ‘Warid Fantasy Cricket’ where you can make your own team, make points and win prizes.

This new contest lets you select 14 cricket players from which 11 will be playing and 3 will be used as substitutes. Every run these selected players of your created fantasy team player makes, you get points in return, and increases your chance to win the prizes. You can also invite your friends to group up with you and play this game. If you invite your friend, you get bonus points for doing this.

What to do?

  • Simply dial 1200 to access Warid Fantasy Cricket

Your Fantasy Cricket Team!

  • Select 14 players for your fantasy cricket team. Playing 11 & 3 Substitutes, you can drop or add new players to your team anytime; however in order to add new player you have to pay the price for that player. Price for any new player is the number of points for the existing player that is being dropped out of the team. Dropping a player from the team will deduct that player’s points from your total team score.
  • There are no restrictions on player types, but your choice will affect your team’s performance & points.

How to play?

  • Your player’s scores and bowling figures are updated after every live cricket match into your very own, fantasy cricket scorecard.
  • The fantasy cricket scorecard will use the playing 11 players that you have selected before any LIVE match & your decisions will have a huge impact on the overall team standing of your team.
  • The higher your players perform, more points your team will get. The team with the highest score at the end of the tournament will win the Fantasy league & be eligible for the prize.

Bonus Points:

  • You can earn bonus points by inviting your friends on to the fantasy league. For every invite your team will get 3 points & for every successful invitation (If the invitee calls on the service) your team will get 5 points.
  • Another way to earn bonus points is to play the competition & test your cricket knowledge. For every successful entry your team will earn 10 points.


  • Rs 5+tax/min

Score Card / Points Table


1 run scored 1 Point
Scoring Bonus
0<25 runs-1 Point
26<50 runs1 Point
51<75 runs2 Points
76<100 runs3 Points
101<125 runs4 Points
125 + runs5 Points
1 Boundary4 Points
1 Six6 Points
50 runs Bonus15 Points
100 runs Bonus25 Points
Duck-5 Points


1 Wicket25 Points
1 Maiden Over2 Points
Best Economy Rate10 Points
1 Wide-1 Point
1 No Ball-2 Points
3+ wickets Bonus10 Points
Caught & Bowled bonus4 Points


1 Catch2 Point
3+ catch bonus5 Points
[Via: WaridTel]

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