100SMS In 50Paisa Only With Glow SMS Bundle

glow logoI didn’t see any cricket world cup 2011 offer from WaridTel yet, but yes on the other hand to share the scores and amazing jokes with your friends, Glow has introduced Pakistan’s most cheapest SMS bundle package. For just Rs.0.50 per day customers can send 100 SMS. This is for sure going to bring a new change in the cellular service providers in Pakistan, where the regular charges of SMS are still Rs.1/sms.

Yes this is pretty amazing that with just 50 paisa GLOW customers can send 100 SMS per day. There is just one catch in all this SMS package and that is, normal GLOW sms charges apply between 9:00 pm to 11:00 pm. So the package is not for 24hours, its for 22hours. For just 2 hours out of your day, this package will not be applicable. Beside that you can subscribe to more heavy SMS bundle packages too.

  • glow sms bundle100 SMS @ 50Paisa/day
    To activate, SMS Glow<space>100 to 7777
    (Normal GLOW SMS charges will apply between 9:00 pm to 11:00 pm)
  • 250 SMS @ Rs. 2.99/day
    To activate, SMS Glow<space>250 to 7777or call 321
  • 700 SMS @ Rs. 6.99/week
    To activate, SMS Glow<space>700 to 7777or call 321
  • 1000 SMS@ Rs. 7.99/week
    To activate, SMS Glow<space>1000 to 7777or call 321

To deactivate the SMS bundle package:

  • write SMS<space>off to 7777 or call 321

[Via: Glow]

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