Win Rs.400,000 with Nokia Pakistan MakeMyApp Competition

nokia logoNokia and P@SHA setup a new venture in Pakistan to promote the developers for Nokia platform. Nokia announced a competition for Pakistani mobile phone developers to make an application on the Nokia platform and win Rs.400,000. Second prize will be Rs.80,000+Nokia smartphone and third prize will be Rs.50,000+Nokia smartphone.

nokia makemyapp

Development of mobile applications are rising in Pakistani market. Nokia is trying its best to promote their platform in the market of Pakistani developers too and initiated a competition called “MakeMyApp“. There are four categories defined under which the developers can create their application for Nokia Ovi.

  1. think greenThink Green
    If you have any idea which can help in reducing the carbon from our air and makes the Earth green. Then your application will fall into the category of Think Green. Environmental friendly applications which in any way can help people reduce the pollution.
  2. Fun & Games
    fun and gamesIf you are a music lover or a gamer or you like fun and party. Think of an application which best suits this category and place it in the competition. Make some unique new music or multimedia player. Have fun with the camera of the phone or any new unique idea that can hit the market in a new way.
  3. Business Productivity
    biz productivityIncreasing the productivity of their business is everyone’s desire. If you have an idea for a Nokia mobile application that can increase the productivity of a business, then it will fall under this category of Business Productivity. Play with the stock market, or banking system or may be the financial reports and forex trade rates. Its all up to you what you think of for an application in this category.
  4. Easier Living
    easier livingEveryone wants everything on their smartphone mobile handset. Make the like of people easier with your developed application for Nokia smartphone and get the chance to win Rs.400,000. Help them track the bus routes, or taxi booking, or any other way which makes like easier. Medical checkup alerts, meeting and doctor’s appointment alert, or it may be a prayer time notification for Muslims. Its all up to you 🙂


All eligible entries will be evaluated by the panel of judges based on the following criteria:

  • Quality / Functionality: the application or service must be fully functional and run successfully on a Nokia device.
  • Usability / Creativity: the application demonstrates superior user experience (UI, graphics, etc.) e.g. by leveraging the latest technologies.
  • Uniqueness, novelty value and innovative: display creativity in applications, use established technology in a unique way, leverage the latest technologies, etc. In addition, the submitted app should not be available in Nokia’s Ovi Store before the start of the contest.
  • Commercial viability / Market potential in Pakistan: ability to fulfill the users’ needs, customer adoption, local relevance in Pakistan.
  • Nokia platform compatibility: cross-platform compatibility.


Submitting an app to the contest is easy and fast. Just go to, click on the “Submit” button and follow the step-by-step instructions. Shortlisted entries will be invited to present their idea and demo of the app on a Nokia device to the Jury Panel. Participants will be informed about the presentation date and venue by email.

The Apps should be for the NOKIA S40, S60 and S^3 Platfroms.


The winner in each of the four categories will get 400,000 PKR.. In addition, there are special prizes in the Think Green category:

  • The second prize winner in this category will get 80,000 PKR and a Nokia smartphone.
  • The third prize winner in this category will get 50,000 PKR and a Nokia smartphone.
  • There’s also a surprise prize for a recycling app, or an app for environmental education.

The deadline for submissions is June 30th 2011

For any queries: write to

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