CNN Report on Telenor Easy Paisa Service

easy paisaTelenor Easy Paisa one of the most unique and great idea introduced by the Telenor Pakistan to pay utility bills and transfer money to friends and family through mobile gain such an importance that CNN took interest in it and made a report on it. Telenor Pakistan is no doubt doing a lot of good things within this country. The best thing I liked about them is that in their every service they are taking care of the people more than them self.

On the report by CNN, Gerhard Romen from Nokia said, “In the future if I want to send you money, the only thing I need to know is your mobile number.”

Yes, I guess thats right. Only your mobile number will do it all, but wait! Easy Paisa does not require your mobile number either. Yes, thats the advantage of easy paisa. Here is how easy paisa works.


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