Exercise Of Your Brain

Exercise of brain is as important as of the muscles.
Below is a very important private way to guage your loss & non-loss of intelligence

Ok-Relax-Clear Your Mind & Begin

What do we put in toaster?



if you said ‘Toast’,
Give up now!

Try not to hurt yourself, If you said ‘Bread’, go to the next question.

Say ‘Silk’ Nine Times,
Now spell ‘Silk’

What do cows drink?

Cows drink ‘Water’
if you said ‘Milk’, dont attempt the next one.

Your brain is over-stressed &
may even overheat.
Proceed if you said ‘Water’

If Red house is made of Red bricks,
Black house is made of Black Bricks,
Blue house is made of Blue Bricks
Yellow house is made of Yellow Bricks
Pink of Pink Bricks
Brown of Brown

What is a Green House made of?


Green house is made of ‘GLASS’ 🙂
If you said ‘GREEN BRICKS’
What the heck are you still reading?

Pass along to all your friends & pray they do better than you.

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