I’ll tell you, What is your dream!

Select a sentence, and I’ll tell you what is your dream.

  1. Eating Icecream in Rain.
  2. A house in an Ice Castle.
  3. Moonlight and Me.
  4. Diamonds, Pearls, and Time.
  5. A Boat in Sea.
  6. Travelling in a hot sunny day.
  7. Cats are my only love.
  8. Long drive at night in rain.

Must Reply…!!


  1. Means you want a free life.
  2. Means you want to be the lord of the world
  3. Means you want lonely life.
  4. Means you want to be rich.
  5. Means you want long life
  6. Means you want confidence
  7. Means you want life full of fun & parties
  8. Means you want a romantic life with a person who love you more than anyone else.

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