In The Memory of 90s

thunder cats


When the most popular games were: Chupan Chupai, Baraf Pani, Tip Top, Badshah Ka Wazeer Kon

When the best delights were POLKA pop cone ice cream, Jubilee and Mitchel’s Toffee.

When PEPSI was for Rs.4.5 only

Watching 7:30AM cartoons before going to school on PTV, and

7PM Ninja Turtles, Captian Planet and Thunder Cats on STN.

When people used to go home early to watch Pakistan-India cricket matches.

When we were not allowed to watch movies, or sing songs in front of elders.

When our best asset was Bubble Gummers Shoes

When Rs.50 EIDI meant, you were rich

When decisions were made by ‘Akar Bakar Bambay Boo’ 🙂

When the worst Nightmares were injections, dark rooms and Qari Saab :p

Cricket rules were, “Ghar mein janay se out, aur jo maray ga wohi lee kar aya ga”

For all those people who still remember their childhood

Wish, that time had never passed to quickly….!!

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