Mobilink Jazz Took Off SMS Bundle Package Again on Eid

Mobilink Jazz LogoTwo and a half month ago, Mobilink along with Telenor and Ufone stopped all their SMS packages for their customers during the Eid holidays. The reason of taking down these services was to reduce the massive load on their network due to SMS which even disturbs calling facility. Many emergency calls during these Eid vacations were not able to go through because of network being busy due to heavy load of SMS.

Mobilink had been falling behind all the other networks until they started the Jazz Unlimited Daily Bundle SMS offer and came back on track. Many of the Jazz users shifted to other networks just because of the non-availability of any unlimited sms package. Now they were attracted back with a very good package, but unfortunately again Mobilink has taken down this service during the eid vacations.

Mobilink Jazz Unlimited SMS Bundle Offer

The Jazz Unlimited Bundle SMS Service will resume again on 2nd December 2009. The website link of SMS Bundle Package is also taken off by Mobilink.


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