Send 100,000 SMS in Rs.666 per Year with Ufone to Pakistan

Ufone LogoWhy do you need to subscribe SMS on monthly or daily basis when you have a yearly SMS bundle package. Ufone introduced a new and unique Yearly SMS Bundle Package for the customers and allowing them to send 1 lac SMS in 365 days. It means you get around 8333 SMS per month.

ufone yearly package

100,000 SMS can be send in a year to any network in Pakistan for just Rs.666+tax.

Ufone Yearly SMS Bundle Features:

  • Number of SMS: 100,000
  • Charges: Rs.666 + tax (Rs. 796 including tax)
  • Validity: One Year
  • Average SMS per month: 8333
  • Average charges per month: Rs.66 including tax



  1. too much expensive offer……! it is actually 796 rs. for that u have to load rs. 1000. for which 16% tax will be deducted so u will get only rs.40 left out of 1000 rs. whereas 14 day sms package cost upto rs. 390 (13 weeks) including tax per year…… 😛

  2. @ad
    The cost is Rs.666 and when you add Tax it becomes Rs.796.
    If you calculate it as monthly it costs you Rs.66 per month for 8333 sms. Whereas if you buy the monthly bundle of Ufone. It cost you Rs.80+tax for 9000 sms. Now tell me is it costly? 🙂

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