Telenor winning the hearts of Pakistanis

telenor logoTelenor is becoming one of the favourite telecom mobile service provider company in Pakistan. Few years ago, Telenor was let down by huge numbers after the incident of Denmark when an artist drew the photos of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Telenor clearly indicated at that time, that they are a multi-national company and has nothing to do with Denmark in that aspect.

Since then, I have only seen Telenor becoming a favourite mobile service provider in Pakistan. Telenor made their way in and is getting deep into the roots of not only mobile users but every citizen of Pakistan. Even though Telenor had a tough time in market, but still clearly making their way up with the launch of different services.

Telenor launched the most exciting and I would say one of the best service “Easy Paisa“. Easy Paisa is world’s first such kind of mobile banking and money transfer service, and because of it, CNN International wrote a┬áreport about Telenor’s Pakistan.

Now the new step by Telenor in March 2010 is the Karo Mumkin campaign. It’s time for Pakistanis to wake up and see how they see Pakistan in the future. We do agree that Pakistan is going through a tough time, but that does not mean, Pakistan is nothing important. Pakistan is our land – so love it, or quit it. In this Karo Mumkin campaign, people from all over Pakistan are going to show either in writing or in visual that what do they think about the future of Pakistan. What progress they see in Pakistan in the years coming ahead.

I can see alot of people taking part in it with different thoughts about Pakistan. Yes, for sure, now in the dark times when Telenor has touched the topic of loving Pakistan, they are going to get more boom and people will love this company for their loyalty to Pakistan.


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