Ufone Introduced Rs.15 Per Hour GPRS Internet Package

Ufone LogoUfone today announced new Internet GPRS packages for both the prepaid and postpaid customers. For the first time, Ufone has announced hourly Internet GPRS package plan in which the customer can use unlimited GPRS at Rs.15/hour only. Beside that Ufone also introduced daily and prepaid Internet GPRS packages of 5 MB and 30MB.

As I mentioned in my earlier post about my experience with Huawei IDEOS which is an Android based handset and is always connected to Internet to sync phonebook and all other things consume huge amount of traffic over GPRS Internet. Ufone also released the three Huawei Android handsets a month ago, so what I believe is that people would have made a lot of complaints about extra usage of Internet and would have been charges a lot. They were actually not charged extra, rather their handsets were using that huge amount of data transfer. Ufone had to think of some solution to it, so today they finally launched the per hour and other great mobile Internet package including unlimited GPRS Internet package.

Ufone New Internet GPRS Package Plan Rates:

  • Hourly Internet Package:
    • Charges: Rs.15 (Inclusive of Tax)
    • Usage: Unlimited
    • Validity: Unlimited
    • Activation Shortcode: 806
  • Daily Internet Package (auto renew daily):
    • Charges: Rs.3.99 (Inclusive of Tax)
    • Usage: 2 MB
    • Validity: 24 Hours
    • Activation Shortcode: 804
  • Prepaid Mobile Internet 5:
    • Charges: Rs.50 (Inclusive of Tax)
    • Usage: 5 MB
    • Validity: 15 Days
    • Activation Shortcode: 801
  • Prepaid Mobile Internet 30:
    • Charges: Rs.150 (Inclusive of Tax)
    • Usage: 30MB
    • Validity: 30 Days
    • Activation Shortcode: 802
  • Prepaid Unlimited Mobile Internet:
    • Charges: Rs.500 (Inclusive of Tax)
    • Usage: 1.5GB
    • Validity: 30 Days
    • Activation Shortcode: 803
  • Postpaid Unlimited Mobile Internet:
    • Charges: Rs.500/-
    • Usage: Unlimited (fair use policy: up to 4GB)
    • Validity: 30 Days
    • Activation Shortcode: 805

Note: All these packages have different terms and conditions. Kindly visit this Ufone website link to check on the Terms and Conditions.

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