Ufone to Charge 1.1% Maintenance Charges from 1st July 2011

Ufone LogoA bad news for mobile phone customers who are using Ufone. Ufone sent out a message to their customers that from 1st of July 2011 they will be deducting another 1.1% charges for maintenance of Ufone service from their customers. It means Rs.1.10 will be charged extra when one loads a Rs.100 card or topup their accounts.

Pakistan’s mobile users are already paying huge amount of taxes on mobile phone service usage. Following are the number of taxes and deductions when you use your mobile phone:

  • On Recharge / top up / card load:
    • GST : 19.5%
    • Withholding Tax : 10%
    • Services Charges : 5%
    • Maintenance Charges : 1.1% (just added by Ufone)
  • On every call you make:
    • GST : 19.5%

Yes, we are paying huge amount of GST and other taxes and service charges. I remember the time when outgoing call rates were around Rs.6.25/min and incoming charges were around Rs.4/min. I guess after all these charges and taxes, we are still paying Rs.6/min for a call. PTA must take some action against such charges and if I am not wrong PTA last year found out that most of the mobile companies are deducting hidden charges from their customers and were warned about it. PTA must take some serious action again.

[Via: ProPakistani]

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