BlackBerry PlayBook by Mobilink Is Not 4G HSPA+. You Can’t Put SIM Card.

mobilink indigo blackberryMobilink few days back launched BlackBerry PlayBook for Rs.62,000/- in Pakistan. They were taking the 10 days pre-order and the PlayBook was delivered to the customer after 10 days. We just got the confirmation that the tablet launched by Mobilink is not the GSM based. There are four models of Playbook – Playbook, Playbook WiMax, 4G Playbook LTE and 4G Playbook HSPA+.

The BlackBerry PlayBook tablet launched by the Mobilink is the simple PlayBook which only holds the WiFi and Bluetooth for the connectivity. If you people are thinking to buy it and replace your handsets, then you are mistaken. The BlackBerry Playbook (simple one) does not have the facility to put SIM card. Only the BlackBerry 4G Playbook HSPA+ has the GSM Network facility to use it as a mobile phone. This device is just the Tablet that you can use with Wifi for browsing Internet. In simple words, I can say that it is a bigger screen iPod Touch type of gadget.

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