Mobilink Goes Down Thoughout Pakistan

mobilink logoInitially there was a known issue to Mobilink in the North where Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Peshawar regions went offline. There were some reports that Mobilink MSC5 center caught fire today. Because of this Mobilink’s main link to its NOC went down and all activities including Calls, SMS, MMS and GPRS went offline. Later on Internet service of LinkDotNet which is also a part of Mobilink has also stopped working.

Latest on this, I received a report that Mobilink is down and offline throughout Pakistan now. The network has gone down majorly because of the main disconnection of lines to Mobilink NOC. Few days back there were reports that Mobilink’s office in Beverley Center was on fire too. Mobilink Office, I-10/3. Centralized Equipment Office is the main center known as MSC5.

We will update you as soon as we receive any new information regarding the issue.


  1. Mobilink sucks. One could see this coming. With an incompetent management, over spreading and over subscribing.. and greed.. this was bound to happen. i hope mobilink crashes completely and goes bankrupt. (ameen)

  2. What Crap?

    Its not all over Pakistan, confirm your facts before you post such crap ! and FYI it has got nothing to do with LINES getting disconnected from Mobilink NOC !

    Do you even know what NOC stands for ? what it means ? and what the hell are LINES !????!!!

  3. @ Technical Employee .. I have all the inside news from Mobilink and that is why I shared it here. Mobilink went down throughout Pakistan and people living in Karachi were facing the issue too.

    Secondly, if you are a network or telecom guy, you know what are the technical terms, most of layman people out here don’t know so we try to use the common understandable language for them.

  4. Well then FYI your insider has no idea what he’s talking about. Refer to common sense on the below and keep in mind, this is just ONE example:

    A sim registered on the Islamabad servers, can be taken anywhere in the country. Mobility ? Now if Islamabad servers go down , that SIM will be out of service. It doesnt mean the Network in Karachi is down or that the whole Pakistan is down. Read elsewhere on the internet. Read official statements. Better yet, ask anyone with a simple understanding of telecom. Atleast THINK before you post.

    You’re posting an article on a site, you’re hosting something on the internet, people coming here are being wrongly informed,not only yours but this site’s credibility is at stake. I do not understand how you are willing to let it happen just for some network traffic.

    We have been talking to our colleagues in Lahore and Karachi all through the time. Ask your INSIDER source for that.

  5. I apologize for sounding harsh, wasnt my intent, its just that i have been defending Mobilink everywhere on the internet and am very disappointed in our nation, something stays alive for years and nobody notices it, its not there for a day and all hell breaks loose, there’s rumours about insurance fraud and management lacking planning and what not. What can you say 🙂

    Thank you Talal.

  6. The problem is not resolved yet. its been more than three days now…I cannot expect this non professional problem from Mobilink ,they should have resolved the problem by now instead of making false claim on their official website…

  7. Would like to ask from technical about one more internal thing. Jazz sms khazana winners are mobilink staff or hired people for photo session only.

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